A First-timer to Lake Havasu, Arizona!!

A very good friend of mine in Pennsylvania whom I travel with often had been wanting to go to Lake Havasu, Arizona for quite some time now to see the original London Bridge there (yes, it really is the real one), and I always seemed to put it off.  Well, this year, I finally agreed to go with him to Lake Havasu to see the real London Bridge, and get some hiking in at the same time.  For those who may not know where it is, Lake Havasu is about 2-3 hours west of Phoenix, via Interstate 10 and US Highway 95.  The area attracts a lot of retirees and spring breakers as well.  Riverside County, California also shares a border to the west of Lake Havasu.  In fact, while we were there, I spotted a California Highway Patrol SUV driving through town, and I had to do a double-take to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me!! For those curious about the London Bridge, it was bought in 1968 from the City of London.  The bridge was then taken apart, each piece was marked, and the marked pieces were shipped to Lake Havasu, and then re-assembled.  The bridge opened on October 5, 1971.  Enjoy!!

The London Bridge

The London Bridge

The London Bridge spanning from end of town to the other.  It is open to both cars and pedestrians, and attracts quite a bit of pedestrians!!


The United Kingdom Flag flying overhead from the London Bridge.


Here is a wider shot of the London Bridge!


An actual phone booth from London!! My friend wanted to take a picture of me simulating a “phone call” inside the phone booth!! I had my iPhone in my hand.


I almost forgot about this!! A London Bridge sign on the side of the bridge!

The next day at Lake Havasu was a day of hiking.  We hiked an easy to moderate trail at the Lake Havasu State Park.


The beginning marker of the trailhead.




Taking a quick moment for a photo op while taking a breather!!



A peek-a-boo shot of Lake Havasu!!


A blooming cactus flower!! At this point, we were halfway to the lake.


We made it down to the lake!! It was good to relax and chill for a bit before making the hike back.  We had picked a quiet spot to hike to.



And before I forget, this is the hotel where we stayed in Lake Havasu.  It’s called the Heat Hotel.  The rooms were quite spacious and modern looking! Modern furniture, sleek and modern sink and bathroom fixtures, much like you’d find in a hip and modern urban loft in a big city.  The rooms even have what they call a “party shower”, which is a very spacious shower, with LED lights that change color.  There are outdoor balconies, an outdoor bar, which is in the foreground here.  There’s even a small bar at the registration desk.  There is no pool, however.  This was a good hotel to stay in, but parking can be a premium.


Well, this is my first blog post!! I hope you all enjoyed it!! Please feel free to leave comments and/or questions.  I’ll be adding more content as well!!





6 thoughts on “A First-timer to Lake Havasu, Arizona!!

  1. John Brewer Reply

    Thanks Rickey. I definitely learned some new things from your blog today. Will have to check out Lake Havasu City myself!

    1. rickharris79@hotmail.com Reply

      You’re welcome and thank you, John! Lake Havasu attracts a lot of spring breakers and retirees. Many of the hotels are a few miles from the downtown shopping area.

    1. rickharris79@hotmail.com Reply

      Thank you, Jordan!! I’ll be adding more over time. I’ll also most likely add photos from past excursions as well!

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