Snowshoeing Adventures!!

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted new material.  Okay, about three months to be exact!! With the snow that’s been falling up in the Sierras, I’ve been quite excited for snowshoeing this season, after a VERY disappointing season last year.  Us Californians were hurting for rain and snow!! And by golly, we’ve been getting it!! There’s more snow up in the Sierras now than there was in all of last year!! I’d like to share some of my snowshoeing adventures here for you.  Here’s a brief snapshot of 2015:

Broke the trusty snowshoes out for the first time in the early part of November after the first major snowfall up in the Sierras! This picture was taken right across the road from the Loch Leven Lakes trailhead.

Let me take a selfie!! This was my second trip to the Sierras this season.  I had done a brief snowshoeing trip right after returning from Thanksgiving in Orange County.  I had gone to the same area: across the road from the Loch Leven Lakes trailhead.  By this time, more snow had fallen up there, making driving into the parking lot there a slow task!!

This was taken at a sno-park just off Highway 49 up in Sierra County.  I had gone with my friend, Ronn Fieldhouse.  He bought a sno-park pass earlier that season.  This particular sno-park was at the Yuba Pass, just east of Sierra City.

This was taken later in the day at the sno-park.  We snowshoed for about an hour or two that afternoon.  After our excursion, we unwound at a nearby hot springs in Sierraville!

Day after Christmas snowshoeing selfie!! This was up at Donner Memorial State Park in Truckee.  I’ve snowshoed there a few times before in the past.  When it’s not buried in snow, the park is open to campers who like to camp at nearby Donner Lake.  It’s a nice place to snowshoe if you want some peace and quiet!

Donner Memorial State Park covered in snow!

A peekaboo shot of the train tunnel nestled into the mountain!

Trampling around in the snow!! These snowshoes have seen a lot of snow!!

This was just a preview of the snowshoeing I did in 2015! In my next post, I’ll share more from past trips, and my beginnings into snowshoeing!

Feel free to leave comments and questions.  Thanks for stopping by!!

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