SNOWSHOEING LAST SEASON…..or lack thereof!!

I know in my last post I know I mentioned how I would blog in my next post about how I got into snowshoeing.  But this time I wanted to show last season’s snowshoeing, or lack of it!!! There was hardly any snow up in the Sierras last year, making all snow activities in that region virtually impossible to partake in.  It was so bad that ski resorts were forced to shut down their operations, which crippled the local economy.  I did manage to, however, snap a few pics from that season which I will be happy to share with you right now:

This was taken up around Donner Summit just off of Donner Pass Road, a few miles from Truckee.  You can see Donner Lake in the distance.  That was somewhat early in the season when a sizable amount of snow had fallen.

The back of my snowshoes.  Just because!!

My friend, Ronn and I the day after Christmas taking time for a picture up on the Eagle Lakes trailhead along the west shore of Lake Tahoe.  We were trying to find some place to snowshoe in the area.  The snow we were standing on wasn’t deep enough for snowshoes; it would’ve just scraped the bottoms of them.

Taking time for a picture while attempting to find snow.  As you can see, there isn’t much snow on the ground.  But it was plenty cold out, as you can see my face cover I’m wearing!

Well, we did reach our intended destination, sans snowshoes.  We were trying to find a place near the lake to snowshoe, but couldn’t find any snow!

Taking time out for a selfie, of course!!

So unfortunately, snow season in the Sierras was cut short due to the lack of snow.  But this season so far has been pretty good snow wise, and I’m not complaining.  In my next post, I promise I’ll discuss how I got into snowshoeing.  Until then, keep your comments and suggestions coming!!


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