In my last couple posts about snowshoeing, I promised I would discuss how I got into snowshoeing.  Well, that day has come!! The idea of me getting into snowshoeing came sometime in the year 2012 when I asked myself what type of hiking could I do during the winter.  That’s when the idea of trying snowshoeing popped into my head. I checked the REI.com website for ideas on snowshoeing.  When REI sent me an email about fall/winter classes in their Sacramento area stores, a beginning snowshoe class became available.  The class was all about the type of gear you need for snowshoeing, so I sat in on that course and picked up some good information.  One REI course I attended was doing a giveaway, and the top prize was a pair of snowshoes.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but I did receive a pair of snowshoes that Christmas.


A small shot of my snowshoes.  They are Atlas brand snowshoes.  They are a good pair of snowshoes, perfect for those who are just starting out.  There are all types of snowshoes out there to choose from.  They have snowshoes for men, women, and even children! There are snowshoes for beginners, snowshoes for intermediate users, and even snowshoes for advanced backcountry goers.

In my quest on learning about snowshoeing, the basics, where to go and what not, I even purchased a couple books from REI.  “Basic Illustrated Snowshoeing”, which is a Falcon Guide book.  It talks about how to choose snowshoes, the gear you need, etc.  It even gives instructions on how to snowshoe, what happens should you happen to take a spill, and being safe out there snowshoeing, should you be solo or with a group.  There’s even a section on snowshoeing with your pets.  Another book I have, and this can be geared to my fellow Northern Californians, or for people visiting Northern California during the winter months, is “Snowshoe Routes: Northern California”.  It gives places in Northern California where you can snowshoe from Lassen, all the way down to the Eastern Sierra Nevadas.  California also has Sno-Parks where you can partake in all types of snow activities.  You do need a Sno-Park pass in order to park in a sno-park.  They can be purchased for $20 at REI.

Here now are some pictures from one of my early snowshoeing trips.  Enjoy!


This was taken at Donner Memorial State Park in Truckee.  In the warmer months, it’s a campground, but in the wintertime, it becomes a place for snowshoers and cross-country skiers.  There is a groomed trail for snowshoers and cross-country skiers.  A rule of thumb: be sure not snowshoe over cross-country skiers tracks.  They don’t like that!


The shared cross-country skier/snowshoe trail in the park.  It’s pretty level, so you really don’t have to worry about exerting yourself.


Here I am out on the snow.  Gaiters are optional if you wish to wear them.


Fellow snowshoers out in the park, with homes lining Donner Lake in the background.


Of course I’m taking time out for a selfie! My first snowshoeing selfie!!


Beyond the park boundaries past the road block.  No, I didn’t go past the block, but I have seen snowshoers in that area.


Though I was tempted to go past that road barrier.  Perhaps I will next time!!


Hmmm……which snowshoeing path should I choose??


More of the trail!


Snow-covered trees!


Extra vehicle parking….when it’s not buried in snow!!!


This way to Coldstream Valley.


A snow-covered “meadow”


Look closely! The “meadow” turned out to be a frozen lake!!


An ice fisherman out on the lake


Hanging out in Truckee post-snowshoeing.

As you can see, Donner Memorial State Park is a great place to snowshoe.  The trails are well-groomed and fairly level, so there’s no major uphill climbing to wear you out.  Not only can you snowshoe at Donner State Park, but a couple of the ski resorts in the Truckee area offer snowshoeing as well.  There is Royal Gorge in Soda Springs.  Squaw Valley, which is midway between Truckee and Tahoe City.  And Northstar Ski Resort, midway between Truckee and Kings Beach.  Snowshoeing is a great workout, and it IS a workout!! And a good way to continue hiking into the winter months.  I hope you all enjoyed my photo tour.  I always look forward to your compliments and questions!

Cheers until next time!!

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