Where has summer gone?? Can’t believe it’s almost over!! It went by in just the blink of an eye!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful, fun-filled summer!! Summer kept me busy this year, with work and day trips!! With the exception of a trip down to Orange County at the end of July for a funeral, a June trip to Chicago was definitely a highlight of my summer! I did, however, manage to get in a few hiking trips this summer. Not as many hikes as I wanted to, but it was still better than nothing!

The one hike I will share with you here is my Fourth of July weekend day hike on the Sawtooth Trail, in the Tahoe National Forest. This wasn’t my first time on this trail; I had hiked a portion of it in May of 2013, but didn’t enjoy myself as much as I had been battling a cold. The trail is a 9.5 mile loop trail hike, which is heavily used by cyclists. In fact, the two times I’ve been on the trail, I’ve encountered more cyclists than hikers!! Sometimes when you’re out hiking, you really have to listen for cyclists, especially those coming up behind you.  But luckily, many will warn you they are coming up behind you!! You also get snapshot views of State Highway 89 off to the right, or to the left depending on which direction you start your hike.  I unfortunately have not hiked the entire 9.5 mile loop trail.  Perhaps the next time I choose to hike it, I’ll do the entire loop!!


A map showing the Sawtooth Trail, as well as following trail ethics.  Always be mindful of others sharing the trail!!


Starting out on the trail…..in beautiful pine forest!!!


The dirt trail….shared both by hikers and cyclists!!


A view of the mountains and trees from the trail!


A view of State Highway 89 off to the right.  And if you look REAL close in the middle, you can see a sliver of the Truckee River to the left of Highway 89!!


The view cliffside!!


A quick shot of the trail among the fragrant pine trees!


After my hike, I decided to treat myself to a lavender latte, courtesy of Coffeebar, a coffee shop in downtown Truckee.

In this section, I’ll also include a couple pictures from my first hike along the Sawtooth Trail in 2013:


Hiking among the pines on the Sawtooth Trail!


A strawberry-looking flower blooming in the forest! If anybody knows what kind of plant it is, please tell me!!


Sawtooth Trail, or Sawtooth Road?

I certainly hope you have enjoyed this tour of the Sawtooth Trail inside the Tahoe National Forest, and that will maybe inspire you to hike or bike the loop trail someday.  As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions!! Happy reading!!!

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