In the Summer of 2013, I discovered the Pyramid Creek trailhead.  The trailhead is in Twin Bridges, in the El Dorado National Forest.  The trailhead begins just off U.S. Highway 50, which is due west of Echo Summit.  The main goal was to hike to Horsetail Falls, which is within the borders of the Desolation Wilderness.  Unfortunately during the hike to the falls within the wilderness, I lost the trail, so I had to turn around and head back.  But I did end up having lunch along Pyramid Creek.  I am determined at some point to try the hike again to Horsetail Falls.  You can actually see the falls from the highway and the beginning of the trailhead.  The Pyramid Creek trail, however is a fairly easy hike with no major elevation gain, and it is used quite a bit.  Right before you enter into the Desolation Wilderness, there’s a huge area along the creek where you can relax and lay in the sun and have lunch while taking a break from your hike.  Enjoy the tour!!


The entrance to the trailhead.  You pay $5 for day use.  Be sure to arrive early as the parking lot fills up fast, and you’re relegated to parking along Highway 50.


Me before setting out for my hike!


The trailhead directory.  It appears the hike to Horsetail Falls is an easy 1 1/4 mile hike.


The El Dorado National Forest


The flowing Pyramid Creek


Another trail directory!


And a trailhead marker!


And yet another trailhead marker……sideways!!!


Pyramid Creek flowing down the side of the rocks!


A shot of Horsetail Falls in the distance!


Fast-moving Pyramid Creek near the border of Desolation Wilderness!


The tops of the trees!


Going over Echo Summit on Highway 50 post-hike!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Pyramid Creek! If you haven’t had the opportunity to hike the trail, please do! It’s a fairly easy hike, and makes for a fun and full day!




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