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Hello there and welcome to my blog!! One of the things I enjoy is to travel and to take weekend day trips.  Trips that are either a week or so long, or just a weekend day trip.  On my trips I enjoy taking pictures to capture memories.  My blog is about sharing my photos of my vacations and day trips with everyone out there.  I also suffer with a form of arthritis in my hips. The purpose of my blog is to not only share my vacation pictures, but to show that, despite whatever a person is going through, it should not stop them from doing the things they enjoy and cherish the most.  My goal is to inspire people, all people, to get out there and enjoy life and experience new things!! Again, thanks for stopping by, and I’m always welcome to comments and suggestions!!






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      I’ll look into that and see what I can do to add a subscription to my blog. Thank you for pointing that out!!

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      Thank you, Jaca!! I’m glad you like it!! I’ll adding stuff over time, so stay tuned and tell your friends!! Get out and enjoy your trails!!

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